Our Oyster Range

Coffin Bay Oysters range

These frisky creatures showcase Coffin Bay’s famous flavour!

Lester Marshall is proud to release his premium range of spawnless oysters. Now shellfish lovers can enjoy sweet fresh oysters all year around.
Firm, plump and full of flavour, these magnificent frisky creatures are available in a variety of sizes, from our sweet cupids ideal for the oyster novice, to king size.

The spawnless oysters range in colour, from pearly white to coffee, with their main claim to fame being their taste and texture – firm with a sweet lingering aftertaste of the famous Coffin Bay marine flavour.

The nutrient rich cold waters from the depths of the Antarctic surge up into the temperate waters of Coffin Bay causing an explosion of highly nutritious food, making Coffin Bay the “Barossa of the sea”.

Our Coffin Bay Oysters – Brands

Cupid Oysters from Coffin Bay

Cupid Oysters

delicate & petite

The aroma of this baby oyster is likened to a fresh coastal seabreeze.
It has a delicate sweet flavour and a light malt aftertaste.
Its petite size and firm texture makes for an incredible eating experience that is life changing.

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Valentine Oysters Coffin Bay

Valentine Oysters

the perfect size..

With the aroma of a windswept ocean breeze, this elegant midsize oyster has a firm texture, ensuring the perfect eating experience.
A subtle blend of sweet aromatic flavours and its soft hazelnut aftertaste, makes for the perfect oyster.

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Casanova Oysters Coffin Bay

Casanova Oysters

large & masculine..

With its stronger aroma of the great southern ocean, this larger style oyster with a big firm meaty texture, lends itself to a more passionate eating experience.
With its intense aromatic flavours, the lingering aftertaste has a rich complexity and malt finish. Not for the faint hearted.

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King Oysters from Coffin Bay

King Oysters

grandfather of them all…

With its strong aroma of the rugged southern ocean, this goliath from the sea has got to be seen to be believed. With its firm tender texture, this grand old oyster is the oyster steak of the ocean.It has an incredible array of complex aromatic flavours and a strong oceanic aftertaste that only comes with age.

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Spawnless Oysters

Spawnless Oysters

Spawnless Oysters

Can you believe it – oysters that stay in prime firm condition all year round – it is reality!!! No more creamy, mushy, spawny oysters for Christmas. These magnificent frisky creatures have been bred specially for people who don’t want to miss out on top quality oysters for summer.

Shellfish Culture; a Tasmainian oyster hatchery have been trialing these oysters in conjunction with the Coffin Bay Oyster Farm for six years now with great success.

This is not new technology as America and Europe have been using spawnless oysters for quite some time. This natural technology has the same outcome as seedless grapes and watermelons.
The spawnless oysters range in color from pearly white to coffee color but their main claim to fame is their taste and texture – firm with a sweet lingering after taste of the famous Coffin Bay marine flavour.