FAQ’s Oysters

FAQ’s about Oysters & Food Handling Tips

What do Coffin Bay Oysters Taste like?

There are three taste sensations to eating a Coffin Bay Oyster. Marine flavour depicted by the amount of salinity from that particular area referred to by conissours as the “Marine Liqueur”!

Sweetness which comes from the size of the abductor muscle which is the same texture and shape as a scallop, the bigger the abductor muscle, the sweeter it is.

Meat flavour – which is created by the foods the oyster eats. These being the different algaes or plants of the oceans, once they are ingested the diffferent flavours permeate through the flesh of the oyster giving it a distinctive flavour from that particular region. This makes Coffin Bay the “Barossa” of the sea. 

How do I store Oysters?

If you are going to eat them straight away store them on a flat tray in the fridge 

Can I freeze oysters and how do I store them?

Freezing oysters is fine opened or unopened. They should be covered or contained with something to prevent freezer burn. Ideally frozen oysters should be put in the fridge overnight to let them thaw out naturally. Upon thawing out they should be consumed within the day and not frozen again. 

How long do my oysters last in the refrigerator?

Opened oysters held in a 1-4 degree Celsius environment will last safely for up to 5 days.
Unopened oysters can easily last 7 – 10 days in a clean 1-4 degree Celsius environment. 

Gaping Oysters?

If oysters are gaping (which they do naturally) give them a firm tap and they should close up again and not stay sprung open. Important- if they do not close discard them. All oysters should have a fresh marine smell. If any doubts over their shelf life arise and they still smell fine then cooking them is your best option.

How to Shuck an Oyster?

To open an oyster, hold the oyster in a folded tea-towell. Flat shell side up. Using a shucking knife, insert the knife into bottom curve of shell. Move knife flat

Follow our steps or watch our Shuck an Oyster Video.