Carptetbag Steak recipe

26 Nov

r_carpetCarpetbag Steak

A classic from the 70’s

Degree of difficulty… med- easy
Preparation time …25 mins

You will need

For each steak (we use scotch fillet)
Chop 4 oysters 2 or 3 times
1 tbspn minced onion
1 tbspn chopped herbs – parsley thyme or celery
1 tbspn breadcrumbs (optional)


Mix well. Slice a pocket into the side of the steak – not too long but cut well into the steak. Stuff with mixture, secure with a small skewer or some toothpicks. Grill on a hot grill plate or fry pan.

Sear each side for 5 mins move to a less hot section of the plate or reduce heat and continue cooking until desired done-ness.
Toss around in a large spoonful of grain mustard a few times. Remove and rest 5 mins before serving.

Coffin Bay Oysters Beds :: Chef – Marion Trethewey